Commitment of “Nippon Ichi Taiyaki”
The origin of the name, “Nippon Ichi Taiyaki” goes back to when

Chairman Tomiichi Hashimoto, the founder of Nikakudo, ate this Taiyaki said

“The taste of this Taiyaki is Nippon Ichi (Nippon's No. 1)!”

in Hakata dialect.

I will now tell you about the commitments “Nippon Ichi Taiyaki” has which Chairman Tomiichi praised as being Japan's No. 1 ...
“Natural” and “Cultured” Nippon Ichi Taiyaki prides itself on creating “Natural Products”. So, what are “Natural” and “Cultured” products (Taiyaki)?

There are reasons behind our delicious Taiyaki.
<Three Factors>

The Anko is different. The secret of the “Anko” (red bean paste) lies in “speciality” and “history”.
What is “Anko” exclusively made for “Nippon Ichi Taiyaki”?
The dough is different. What is the secret of the “Crispy Thin Skin”, another pride of Nippon Ichi Taiyaki?
The technique is different The secret of the deliciousness of “Nippon Ichi Taiyaki”.
What kind of skill does a Taiyaki craftsman possess?