“Natural” and “Cultured”
Nippon Ichi Taiyaki prides itself on creating “Natural Products”

Nippon Ichi Taiyaki prides itself on creating “Natural Products”. So, what are “Natural” and “Cultured” products (Taiyaki)?
There are two types of Taiyaki.
One is cultured products.
And the other is natural products.
So, what's the difference?

Of course, it is the cast iron mold [Kama].

For “cultured products”, the dough is poured into a baking mold to cook and red bean paste is placed on one side, then both sides are pressed together. Each time about 6 to 10 fish (Taiyaki) can be made.
This method was conceived in order to satisfy mass production during Taiyaki popularity.
Nippon Ichi Taiyaki’s “natural products” are baked in cast iron molds called “hashi-mono”.
It is an authentic pressure-type hand-baking pot made with a mold that can only bake two fish (Taiyaki) at once.

Nippon Ichi Taiyaki is crispy with thin skin!
Filled with red bean paste until the tail! Is our motto.

However, this thin-skinned crispy cannot be achieved with “cultured” molds.
Therefore, Nippon Ichi Taiyaki is very particular about “natural products” ♪
But since you can only bake two fish (Taiyaki) at a time, it will take longer to bake.
You will need to wait a few minutes, but please try our special "natural product" Taiyaki!