The dough is different.
Thin-skinned and crispy Nippon Ichi Taiyaki.
You might be surprised by the outer crispy skin that seems almost transparent, showing the anko on the inside.
The dough of “Crispy Thin Skin”, which is another pride of Nippon Ichi Taiyaki, is prepared the day before.
Therefore, if the dough runs out, the Taiyaki for that day will be sold out.
The dough is made by mixing Taiyaki flour, which is a unique blend of Nippon Ichi Taiyaki, and water that has been adjusted in temperature while mixing in air based on our company’s own requirement.
After fermenting it a little, we let it sit in the refrigerator for a day, and finally add a regulating agent to eliminate the odor of wheat and end up with a mellow dough.
Taiyaki craftsmen wholeheartedly bake in order to create a delicious “crispy thin skin”.