The Anko is different.
We are particular about carefully selecting adzuki beans from Hokkaido, and the bean paste is made only with adzuki beans and sugar. This makes it a dish that cannot be found anywhere else and one that we pride ourselves on.
Nippon Ichi Taiyaki’s specialty “homemade anko” uses homemade bean paste from Nikakudo, a sweets maker in Fukuoka.
It is an “anko” that can never be imitated anywhere, which has been researched for over 50 years.
The “homemade bean paste” used is only paste that has been checked and approved by the president of Nikakudo every day.
This is Anko for Taiyaki produced by the company that makes the long-selling Hakata confectionery “Hakata no Hito”.
Once you’ve tasted it, you may not be satisfied with other Taiyaki anymore.